The idea behind WIL is to offer a forum in which students or post-docs doing scientific research in the broader field of Learning Theory, Behavior, Memory and Neuroscience can seek advice, support, and guidance on the advancement of female researchers from a notable female researcher who has already carved a path in the field.


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The Pavlovian Society.

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Women In Learning was founded by a graduate student and is run solely by a small group of students and postdoctoral fellows.

Moriel Zelikowsky, Ph.D.

Marieke R. Gilmartin, Ph.D.

Janine Kwapis

Sarah Hersman

Virginia Long, Ph.D.

Jennifer Perusini

Kylie Huckleberry

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3rd Annual WIL Luncheon

Once again, we had an amazing turnout for our 2013 Women in Learning last weekend in Austin, Texas, with record donations thanks to all our wonderful members! The luncheon is a forum to open dialog, but really its you, our members, who engage in the conversation. So thank you! We deeply thank Dr. Rankin, who shared with us some wonderful thoughts on how to approach science - her points on self-confidence and enthusiasm resonated at the luncheon as well as across the rest of the weekend.

Additional thanks to:
-The wonderful staff at El Sol y La Luna, for providing a fun atmosphere and delicious food: elsolylalunaaustin.com and to Marie Monfils for organizing this luncheon spot.
-Deluxe screenprinting for fabulous tank tops (Look for our much anticipated male tanks and onsies next year!): deluxescreenprinting.net
-Samantha and Beki Coagan of COATT Jewelery, whom generously donated their custom made morse-coded necklaces (spelling WIL): coattonline.com
-The Pavlovian Society, in particular this year's president and host, Steve Maren, for their continuous encouragement and support of WIL.

Lastly, thanks to the ever-supportive Jeff Wilson, whom once again took some great photos. These will be posted on our website shortly: womeninlearning.com, and are already up on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you all next year in Seattle! In the meantime, stay up to date on relevant issues and matters concerning women in science or feel free to share thoughts or links of your own on our Facebook page.


-- Team WIL


3rd Annual WIL Luncheon

We are excited for this year's upcoming 3rd Annual Women in Learning Luncheon, which will once again take place as a satellite event off of the much anticipated annual Pavlovian Society Meeting in Austin, Texas.

The luncheon is set for Saturday, September 28, 2013

Once again, we are honored to have an amazing scientist as our distinguished guest this year.  Dr. Catharine Rankin (University of British Columbia) will be providing us with her thoughts and insights on life and science.

Dr Catharine Rankin
Dr. Rankin received her Ph.D. from The City University of New York and did her postdoctoral training at Yale University under the mentorship of Dr. Tom Carew.  There she began some of the initial investigations into the molecular machinery underlying the development of learning and memory in Aplysia, working to distinguish sensitization and habituation processes. Thereafter, Dr. Rankin took a faculty job at the University of British Columbia, where she and her team began to systematically and elegantly map the genetic and molecular underpinnings of sensitization and habituation, using C. elegans as a model organism. The large body of work and diversity of studies that have since emerged from the Rankin lab speaks to the persistence and creativity of Dr. Rankin.    

Breakthroughs in memory reconsolidation, the reversibility of experiences such as social isolation, and identification of the cellular basis of non-associative learning across development, combined with technical advances such as the generation of a system for high-throughput analysis of behavior in C. elegans, has established Dr. Rankin as a leader in the field of Behavioral Neuroscience. We are thrilled to have her as our guest speaker at this year’s annual luncheon.

For information about relevant publications and ongoing research in Dr. Rankin's lab, please visit: psych.ubc.ca/~crankin/

-- Team WIL

2nd Annual WIL Luncheon

@ 2012's Meeting of the Pavlovian Society
Saturday, September 22, 2012
Jersey City, NJ

We are proud to report that our 2nd annual luncheon was another success! We had an amazing turnout, with almost 70 people in attendance, from across a variety of labs and countries! 

Thank you to all who made it out to our 2012 Luncheon. It was a wonderful opportunity for all supporters of Women in Learning to gather, enjoy food, wine, and exceptional company!  Thank you to our wonderful speaker this year, Dr. Elizabeth Gould, who shared with us her perspectives and insights on being a women in science.  And an especially big Thank You to all of you for being a part of WIL!  

A special thanks to the following people whom made this event possible:
- Jeff Wilson and Peter Balsam for their incredible support and promotion of WIL this year.
- Sisters Samantha and Beki Coagan of COATT jewlery, whose gracious donation of custom made morse-coded necklaces (spelling "WIL"), allowed us to raise the final funding needed for the luncheon (check them out at www.coattonline.com)
- Markers Restaurant in Jersey City for their friendly and accommodating staff and their amazing food (www.markersrestaurant.com)
- Cynthia at downtown Los Angeles-based Deluxe Screenprinting, whom provided us with a great deal on WIL tank tops (deluxescreenprinting.net)

-- Team WIL

Inagural Luncheon

@ the annual Pavlovian Society meeting,
Saturday, September 24th 2011

We are very excited to have Tracey J. Shors (Rutgers University) as our very first special guest.

Dr. Shors has provided groundbreaking research on the behavior and neuroscience of learning and memory, with a particular emphasis on the role of post-natally born neurons (neurogenesis) and sex-differences.

More information about Dr. Shors can be found at: rci.rutgers.edu/~shors/

Tracey J. Shors


As WIL is a young group, we are still looking for additional support and funding. Any donations or advice regarding funding options would be greatly appreciated!

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Donations of $500 or more will be featured as sponsors on our site, with the largest donation being announced at the annual luncheon.


WIL invites anyone interested in supporting the advancement of women in science to become a member. Membership in WIL is free and lifelong, thus, we encourage donations from anyone able to make a contribution.


Special thanks to: Dr. Michael Fanselow, Dr. David Anderson, Dr. Fred Helmstetter, Dr. Carol Barnes, Dr. Jeffrey Wilson, Dr. Stephanie Bissiere, Dr. David L. Pomeranz, Daniel Zelikowsky and
Casey Fluster for their help and advice.


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