Inaugural WIL Luncheon

September 24th, 2011
Milwaukee, WI
Speaker: Dr. Tracy Shors


Dr. Shors has provided groundbreaking research on the behavior and neuroscience of learning and memory, with a particular emphasis on the role of post-natally born neurons (neurogenesis) and sex-differences.

More information about Dr. Shors can be found at:

Thank you!

WIL would like to thank everyone for attending our inaugural luncheon this past meeting of the Pavlovian Society. The luncheon was a huge success! Special thanks to Tracey Shors, who did an amazing job and gave a truly inspiring inaugural speech. Also, WIL would like to thank all the people who helped put this event together. Lastly, we couldn't have made this happen without all the attendees who supported us and all the people who signed up as members. Thank you!

Because of the incredible support we received, we were able to put on an amazing luncheon (see pictures of below). Hope everyone had as good a time as we did! Please circulate information about WIL to your friends and colleagues, and encourage people to sign up for membership here on our website. Donations are also greatly appreciated. Help spread the word about WIL and make sure to stay tuned for future events.

Thanks again everyone for a great luncheon. See you next time!

-- Team WIL