Women In Learning (WIL) was founded and Is run solely by
graduate students & Post-Doctoral fellows.

Current WIL Team

Moriel Zelikowksy, Ph.D.* (Founder & Board Chair)
Janine Kwapis, Ph.D.* (Board)
Jennifer Perusini, Ph.D.* (Board)
Sydney Trask, Ph.D.
Nicole Ferrara, Ph.D.
Heidi Meyer, Ph.D.
Abha Rajbhandari, Ph.D.
Kylie Huckleberry, Ph.D.
Nancy Smith
Lexi Kepler

WIL Alumni

Sarah Hersman, Ph.D.
Virginia Long, Ph.D.
Marieke Gilmartin, Ph.D.
Leah Hitchcock
Deja Knight
Kristal Wahlstrom
Trisha Chakraborty
Patrese Robinson
Rebecca Della Valle
May Hui

Getting Involved

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